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Outside Reading Homework Section #2 post A and B

Quote: "Maybe you should slow down, so I can catch you (page 106)." The significance of this quote said by Seth is that he likes Aislinn and wants to be more than just friends with her. He means that she should slow down, as in not trying to always run away from him, and then they could be more.

Omnipresent (page 100) - presence in all places at the same time
Whim (page 103) - a sudden desire


In Wicked Lovely, not much has changed since the first section, but we can tell that the characters are getting closer and they have more to do with each other. I’ve learned that Keenan is called the Summer King, and that it is very out of the ordinary for someone on the faerie court to follow one specific person, which is why Aislinn is very concerned that she is being followed by Donia. I think that I would be very concerned also if I were being followed by a group of faeries that only a random few people could see. I would have done the same thing that Aislinn did and tell a really close friend, it would just make me feel a lot better and like I wasn’t alone and like I could turn to someone if I needed and not need to keep secrets. Aislinn also keeps a few secrets from her grandmother, who she lives with, and I think that I would have done the same if I was in her position because I usually tend to keep issues and most everything to myself, but if a friend was in on the issue then I would be comfortable going to them and telling them what’s going on rather than my parents. On page ___, Aislinn is just coming home from a long day after she got attacked by humans and then saved by the faerie, and her grandmother is very good at seeing that something is wrong and asked what happened and Aislinn just said that two faeries were following her and that everything was just fine otherwise and that she wanted to try to figure out what they wanted from her. Her grandmother was at first very nervous and said that she planned to take her out of school and home school her and basically put her on lock-down, but then to Aislinn’s relief, she said that it was okay and to just be very careful and to still abide by the three rules. Even though Aislinn knew that she would need to tell her grandmother eventually, she couldn’t do it now and she wasn’t going to.

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Outside Reading Homework Section #1 post A and B

1: Blotter (page 23)-a log in which daily activities are recorded.
2: Labret (page 33)-object that pierces the area below the lips and above the chin.

I think that the theme so far brought up in the story is friendship in that Aislinn has her troubles and Seth is there for her and even the faerie Deadgirl helped her out when she is in need of some help and comfort.

Wicked Lovely is a really good book in that it is good at elaborating themes and concepts that Aislinn has lived with and has loyally abided by for her whole life. Now things have changed in the way that she has broken and interfered with those rules of staying away from the knowledge of the faeries all around her by telling Seth, her human friend, about her situation and the faeries that she can see and hear while he and most others can not. The antagonists in Wicked Lovely are the faeries and they are invisible to everyone except an occasional few including Aislinn and they are out to get her. It seems as though they are actually good in some parts when they are involved, but the only reason they are perceived that way is because all the faeries are ordered to look after her and make sure nothing bad comes to her so that they can be sure to take over her eventually. On page 68, Donia, or Dead-girl, the faerie whose assignment is to keep a watchful and protective eye over Aislinn is following her home when a few guys took her and started harassing her so Donia, turned into her mortal form and when they told her to get lost, she had her wolf attack them. This again is only because she has orders to keep her safe. The protagonists in the story are mainly Seth and Aislinn's grandma, Seth is her best friend an she trusted him enough to tell him about how she can see the faeries and her latest interactions and stories and he is always there for her even though he knows that he is getting into trouble himself. Her grandma can also see the faeries and so have most all the women in their family, but Aislinn's mother died when she was young, and her grandma is the one who keeps her safe from the faeries too but Aislinn is too afraid to share with her her latest encounters with the faeries, because she has broken every promise and rule she has ever had with her grandmother so she is afraid that she will get punished or just limited in her freedoms. On page 25, Aislinn is just beginning to tell Seth about her knowledge of the faeries and he stays calm for her and makes her feel protected. I really like how she has her troubles this way and the views of the faeries, Seth, and her Grandma are told along with her story and i really enjoy and can follow along well with the book as Aislinn's story is being told.

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Quarter 2 Outside Reading Choice Information

Hero by Perry Moore
Published in August 2007
Hero is a fictional story
428 pages
This book is suggested for higher than 9th grade level and is a teen 'coming-of-age' novel. The general vocabulary and sentence structure seems pretty close to the level of what I think of myself to be around right now, and I've researched that it is tough to follow along with and comprehend, so that will most likely be the biggest challenge for me.
I chose this book because I tend to be a fan of books that have some fantacy while being realisticly of fiction, and I think that this book will be good because it involves a boy, Thom, who has a superhero for a dad but he got kicked off the 'League', and now Thom is being invited to join the League becuase he knows that he has powers too but at the same time he wants to keep it out of his dad's knowledge so that he won't be hurt. Also, the author was the executive producer for the Choronicles of Narnia which really pleased me so I think he has proven pretty good and creative, so I guess I'll have to just find out whether he can do movies or books better...