Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quarter 2 Outside Reading Choice Information

Hero by Perry Moore
Published in August 2007
Hero is a fictional story
428 pages
This book is suggested for higher than 9th grade level and is a teen 'coming-of-age' novel. The general vocabulary and sentence structure seems pretty close to the level of what I think of myself to be around right now, and I've researched that it is tough to follow along with and comprehend, so that will most likely be the biggest challenge for me.
I chose this book because I tend to be a fan of books that have some fantacy while being realisticly of fiction, and I think that this book will be good because it involves a boy, Thom, who has a superhero for a dad but he got kicked off the 'League', and now Thom is being invited to join the League becuase he knows that he has powers too but at the same time he wants to keep it out of his dad's knowledge so that he won't be hurt. Also, the author was the executive producer for the Choronicles of Narnia which really pleased me so I think he has proven pretty good and creative, so I guess I'll have to just find out whether he can do movies or books better...

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Mr. Hatten said...

Your assignment was done well. Thanks for the effort (as usual). Your book sounds fine. Have fun with it!