Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Homework Section #3 post A and B

1) Conspiratorially (page 111): relating to or characteristic of conspiracy or conspirators.
2) Liege (page 124): a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service.

An emerging theme that I feel in Wicked Lovely is trustworthiness, because Aislinn has to believe in and trust that her rules and friends will help her get through hard times and succeed in getting away from the faeries and the dangers they bring.

I really enjoy Wicked Lovely and the further I get into it now the harder it is to put down. I like how the book shows the feelings and sides of a few characters which makes you love every character and makes you think that each is good, but really each of them is bad for each of the other characters and poses a threat to all of them. Sounds confusing, but really, Aislinn is trying to stay away from the faeries because she can see them and knows they're very dangerous, while at the same time, Keenan is trying to get her attention and get her to trust him because he needs someone strong to save him and his kind, and then Donia's job is to watch after Aislinn and to keep her safe but Aislinn can see her therefore is always running away and hiding from her and the other faeries. starting on chapter 11, Keenan obviously purposely got enrolled in Aislinn's school and got the same schedule as her in attempt to get her to trust her and fall in love with him, but Aislinn knows that she can't have anything to do with him because she doesn't want to get influenced by any of the faeries but at the same time, she is given the job of showing Keenan the school and get him caught up and will of course have to spend a lot of time with him which is very risky she knows. So I really enjoy the book and I love the themes arising and the relationships showing between the characters.

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