Sunday, October 14, 2007

Outside Reading Homework Section #4 Part 1

Chinese Cinderella

Quote #1
'They had tossed me aside like a piece of garbage.' (p. 127)
Quote #2
'Now they knew the pathetic truth! Unloved and unwanted by my own parents! How long did it take
for a person to die of shame.' (p.115-116)

Said by Adeline Yen Mah's thoughts in Chinese Cinderella, these quotes show how much she really feels and is neglected. The first quote is used when Adeline had been dropped off at the boarding school, and Adeline had the realization that they were abndoning her there and didn't care about her enough anymore to even want her in the house. Then the second was used when Adeline's friends had come to her house after school and were congratulating her for winning and being nominated the President of her Class by her classmates, and all of her friends had thought that she had a loving family like the rest of them sinse she had kept her faimly issues to herself, and they saw that her step-mother beat her, and so now they all knew that and she had not wanted her friends to know any of that. These are important because they show what she is going through and how she feels in response to the actions her careless and hateful family.

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