Thursday, October 18, 2007

Outside Reading Homework Section #5

Chinese Cinderella

It had been three days since Adeline's Aunt Reine had taken her out of her boarding school, and she was still very nervous becuase she knew that Niang didn't know of this news yet, and would most liekly be furious and blame her. Claudine and Victor, her step-cousins that she had never met before, are really nice and she likes them a lot more than her own siblings. They are getting on a ship to travel to Hong Kong to get away from the comunists that are taking control quickly of the whole northern part of China and advancing further south. On the ship, the three kids would spent most of their time playing hide and seek, but they also liked to go to the library and play Monoply, which Claudine was very good at. Adeline felt like she was a part f their family and not always getting the short end out, she even imagines getting adopted by them and never having to see Niang ever again. On their first night, there were only two beds in the girls' room and Adeline just assumed that it was for her. But then her Aunt Reine said "oh no, it's share and share alike in our family," and they drew papers to determine who was to sleep on the cot. Claudine ended up drawing the paper that showed 'cot,' and she slept there without any fuss at all. When their ship reached Hong Kong, the family was expecting Adeline's family to be there waiting to brig them to their home, but they were no where. So Reine called their house and they were home and told them to get a taxi to their house. When they arrived, Adeline's siblings were all gone except for her step-siblings, and no one greeted her. When she got inside, har grandfather was there and she was very happy to see him, and she thought that there was something different and familiar about him at the same time, and she figured out that he seemed defeated. The first time Niang derectly addressed Adeline was the next morning and she told her to stay home and give her Ye Ye (grandfather) a neck and back massage while she took Reine and the kids shopping. Adeline was happy for this and thought that maybe she had been foriven from Naing's wrath. When Adeline was talking with Ye Ye in chinese, she could hardly remember many words any longer because she had been in an english emmersion for so long.

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Claire said...

Wow. very good. you should try and break it up tho. its a lil hard to read. but the content is very interesting. good job. fyi you put two i's in family. haha good job!